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FLUID TEAM (iNEQ-global supply)

Since 1985 FLUID TEAM Automations technik GmbH has established an outstanding position as a specialist for proportional valve technology and complex solutions in the entire range of applications of stationary and mobile hydraulic controls.

Exceptional flexibility, a broad substantial program of self-developed valves, short delivery lead times and the superior commitment combined with the high empathy of the employees are the foundation for a continuously growing customer base. The preeminent quality of the products, combined with high availability, has the first priority. Since 1995 all processes, including manufacturing, assembly and testing are certified according to ISO9001, respectively ISO9001-2008. Here you find the TüV certificate.

The FLUID TEAM program of standard components consists of a broad range of proportional pressure control, proportional flow control and proportional directional control valves, as well as of special valves and system solutions to be used in both municipal, construction and tooling machines general engineering or off-shore applications.

The special design solutions of FLUID TEAM are application and customer-specific solutions in the hydraulic controls technology, including special valve design and function blocks, which are optimized in power and space requirements.

In the year of 2002 FLUID TEAM moved into the new building in Konstanz. The modern assembly cells, the substantial inventory and the test rigs are allocated on a production floor of approximately 1000sqm. The offices of administration and the engineering department are allocated on an additional floor space of 1000sqm.

In 2007 the FLUID TEAM Automationstechnik GmbH was integrated into the WEBER-HYDRAULIK-group. By merging several successful companies into one group, in the hydraulic marketplace a new group for hydraulic systems and components was founded, which covers the entire variety of services for the technology of hydraulic controls.

In the middle of 2009 the new manufacturing plant was opened, which offers now an additional 1000sqm floor space for machine tools. Once more the availability of components will be improved.

ZEPDR3-06-45-1-24V 027.0003
EEPDRS3-08-175-2-24V, T-11A 024.0048
ZEPDR3-06-45-1-24V 027.0003
VB-3A 102.0001
ZMSVT2-06-B-24V 999.9999
ZMSV2-06-B-24V 063.0008
ZEPDR3-06-115-1-24V 027.0007
ZEPDR3-06-315-1-24V 027.0015
ZEPDR3-06-45-1-24V 027.0003
ZEPDR3-06-210-1-24V 027.0011
PVD6-2-24/28-D-24V 054.0026
O-Ring (FT0002011)
Checkvalve M14 x 1,5
Checkvalve M14 x 1,5
HSB-06-E-O-210 204.0010
HSB-06-A-O-200 204.0011
KK-M14x1.5 FTN000195
KK-M14x1.5 FTN000190
KK-M14x1.5 FTN000195
KK-M14x1.5 FTN000190
with long pin, O-rings 9x1 131.0005
+11x1, for KK-M14x1.5
FTN000190 016.0024
GP8 036 C55/131 141.0013
SC-2000-U 101.0004
ZRV06-5-B-1 027.0017