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iNEQ-global.com, Global Direct Sales Network

iNEQ group (Instrument & Equipment Specialties Inc.) headquarter lies in Wilmington, USA. iNEQ business mainly includes two parts, iNEQ-spec.com as manufacturer and iNEQ-global.com as global trader.

iNEQ-global, a member of iNEQ group, Global Direct Sales Network, possesses one global trade service center and many companies/offices in different countries to form a completely global direct sales network. And any company/person can publish products in iNEQ-global.com. If you need, we can help you to complete your sales in other countries.

Safe Business: Local companies in many countries, purchase products from official channel.
Easy Process: Tell us Brand, Type, Quantity, we choose the cheapest official channel to hand products to your hands.
Economic Cost: Global direct sales network, collect many orders together to save the freight fee.
Easy Payment: Accept different currencies through our local companies, USD, EUR, CNY.
No minimum order limit.

Part of advantageous brands as follows:

HEIDENHAIN, SIEMENS (Module: 6DD/6ES/6SN/6FC and so on),MOOG, MAHLE, HAWE, Barksdale Level meter, DOPAG, DURAG, Hegwein, ROEMHELD, BEKO, BENDER, TIVAL, AC-Motoren, Captron, EM-TECHNIK, Captron, VEM, GEORGIN, ISMET, BURSTER, ENFM, LAFERT, ZIEHL, Hemomatic, messMa, KOSTYRKA, EDMOLIFT, KNIEL, DETAS, TELLE, UNICONTROL, ALRE, Faulhaber, TR electronic, G.bee, GERWAH, SUCO, NETTER, Lorenz,FANAL...................... .......... ................................................

Instrument & Equipment Specialties Inc. (USA)
Tel: +1-302-746-2208 E-mail: info.us@iNEQ-global.com
Instrument & Equipment Specialties GmbH. (Germany)
Tel:+49-69 8991 4658 E-mail: info.de@iNEQ-global.com
YingAi (Shanghai) Trade Co., Ltd. (China)
Tel:+86-21-61554837 E-mail: info.cn@iNEQ-global.com

Other companies lie in Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong and so on. Any inquiry can contact:

iNEQ Global Trade Service Center (Shanghai, China)
Tel: +86-21-61554837
Fax: +86-21-60917815
Skype: iNEQ-global.com
QQ: 461338505
E-mail: info@iNEQ-global.com

ENFM (iNEQ-global supply)

ENFM’s Performance under pressure since 1906, and it maintains a dedicated team of specialized professionals managing our R & D programs. This team is totally integrated throughout our company. They are assisting in the development of new testing and manufacturing machinery, as well as the development of new products. Through the use of technology programs like Solid Edge, we are able to get our new products from the design board to the customer faster than ever before. This allows us the opportunity for rapid response to customer market & requirement changes.

Product range:
Pressure Pressure Gauges;
Low pressure capsule gauges;
Mechanical diaphragm pressure gauges;
Differential pressure gauges ;
Diaphragm seals;
Air Filter Regulator:
Temperature Tridicators (pressure / thermometer);
Bimetal thermometers;
Nitrogen filled thermometers;
Remote nitrogen filled thermometers;

Models and Series:
Series 3000,Series 6000,Series 7010,Series 7110,Series 7610,Series 7611,Series 7210,Series 6210,Series 7710,Series 7711,Series 7210SAE,Series 7020,Series 7120,Series 7620,Series 8620,Series 8800,Series 6220,Series 7220,Series 7720,Series 7770,Series 8720,Series 8900,Series 9510,Series 6000A/6210A,Series 6001SS,Series 7510R/7520R,Series 8800R,Series NH3,Series 5210,Series 3A7620/3A7720,Series 2000,Series 2510,Series 2520,Series 1520,Series 5500等。
RV132A3N334KG 7211.63.1/4NPT-M3.700K/10000P