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HEIDENHAIN (iNEQ-global supply)

Products from HEIDENHAIN ensure that machines and plants work productively and efficiently. Since 1948, when the company began anew in Traunreut, HEIDENHAIN has shipped over 5 million linear encoders, over eleven million rotary and angular encoders, 460,000 digital readouts and nearly 235,000 TNC controls. Now and in the future, this expertise provides the assurance that HEIDENHAIN was the right choice.
A continuous drive to provide technically superior products in combination with reliability, closeness to the customer, and a practice-oriented frame of mind form the basis of HEIDENHAIN’s efforts. HEIDENHAIN has always sought a dialog with science and research on the one hand and with users and customers on the other. Our competence in the area of linear and angular metrology is reflected by a large number of customized solutions for users. These include the measuring and test equipment developed and built for many of the world’s standards laboratories and the angular encoders for various telescopes and satellite receiving antennas. The products in the standard HEIDENHAIN product program naturally profit from the knowledge gained in such projects.

LC 100,LS100,LF 100,LS600,LB 300LC 400,LS 400,LF 400,LS 300
LC 481 220 mm,ID:,353703-20
LC 491F 720mm,ID: 372852-16
AE LC 481,ID: 384978-01
AE LC 491 F,ID: 384981-01
LC 192 F 840,ID: 387086-08
LC 192F,ID: 387089-12,387089-24
LC 182_440 /,ID: 387092-26;
LC 493 F557644-02,ID:557649-01
LC 483 70 mm,ID:557649-03,
LC /557649-11
LC /557649-13/
LC 557649-15
MT12W,Id.Nr.231001-03 SN:1422202F D6,
MT12W,Id.nr:231011-03,S.NR:24 285 073 G
MT1271,ID NO:331666-51
LIDA107 ID:317909-36
LS477 ML720 +/-5um
LS177 ML2240 +/-5um,TTLX5
LS177 ML1140 +/-5um,
ERN1381.001-2048, ID: 313453-06, 313453-02
ERN1381.020-2048, ID: 385489-06
ERN1381-2048, ID:385489-56
ERN1381.040-2048, ID:608290-01
ERN1381.062-2048, ID: 385489-08, 385489-07
ERN1387.001-2048, ID:312215-14
ERN1387.001-2048.ID:312215-02, 312215-66
ERN1387-2048, ID:373787-N6
ERN1387.020-2048, ID: 385487-03
ERN1185.003-2048, ID:316278-58
ROD320.020-1000 ID: 538723-05
ROD320.005-1000 ID:291843-04
ROD320.020-2000, 291843-06
R0D320.005-2500, 291843-01
ROD320.002, 254847-05
ROD323.001-1024 ID:237974-01
ROD323.031-1024 ID:377101-5R
RON350-2048, 254426-04
ROD431.001-2048, ID:317393-03
ROD431.001-1024, ID: 309288-01,
ROD431.020-1024 ID: 538727-02
ROD431-1024 317393-02, 317393-52, 538727-52
ROD320.005-2500 ID: 291843-01
ROD320-2500, ID:538723-01
ERN1381.020-2048 , ID: 385489-06
EQN1325.020-2048, ID: 538234-01
EQN1325, ID: 312214-53
EQN1325.001-2048, ID312214-16
EQN1325-2048, ID:538234-51
EQN1325-2048 ID:515385-01
EQN1325.048-2048, 655251-01
ERN1331-1024, ID:538727-55
ERN1331-1024, ID:538727-53, 538727-52
ERN1331-2048, ID:538727-56
ERN1331.051-1024, ID:317393-05
ERN1331.051-1024, ID: 317393-55
ERN1331.061-1024, ID:538727-05
ERN1331.062-2048 , ID538727-56
ERN1331.051-1024 ID: 375272-02 ERN1381-2048
ERN1387-2048 ROD431-1024
ROD320-2500/5000/2000 EQN1325-2048
ROD 430 5000 376834-3S
ERN1331-1024, ID:538727-55
ERN1331.051-1024, ID:317393-05
ERN1331.051-1024, ID: 317393-55
ERN1331.061-1024, ID:538727-05
ERN1331.062-2048 , ID538727-56
ERN1331-1024, ID:538727-52
ERN1331.051-1024 ID: 375272-02
ROD431.001-2048, ID:317393-03
ROD431.001-1024, ID: 309288-01,
ROD431.020-1024 ID: 538727-02