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Huba Control (iNEQ-global supply)

Huba Control develops, manufactures and markets components designed exclusively for the measurement of pressure and flow.
The components of Huba´s pressure measurement technology include both pressure switches (on/off switching elements), sensors and pressure transmitters (sensors with built-in amplifier electronics).
With its clear focus on pressure measurement technology Huba Control is able to develop innovative products across a very broad spectrum, covering an extensive range of applications for the optimisation of machine, system and plant processes.
Huba 511.900003572
Pressure Sensor -1-0 BAR 4-20 mA R1/4
Huba 511.911003571
Pressure Sensor 0-1 BAR 4-20 mA R1/4
Huba 511.911004041
Pressure Sensor 0-1 BAR 0.5-4.5V
Huba 511.914001571
Pressure Sensor 0-2.5 BAR 0-5VDC
Huba 511.914603571
Pressure Sensor 0-2.5 BAR 4-20 mA
Huba 511.914603571W
Pressure Sensor 0-2 KG/cm2 4-20mA PT TAP R1/4
Huba 511.915003141
Pressure Transmitter0~4bar 4~20ma G1/4
Huba 511.915003571
Pressure Sensor 0-4 BAR 4-20 mA 2-wire
Huba 511.917003141
Pressure Transmitter0~6bar 4~20ma G1/4
Huba 511.917003141-1
Pressure Transmitter1005035MU511.917003141 0-6bar 4~20ma
Huba 511.917003541-1
Pressure Transmitter0~6bar 4~20ma 1003290 MU511.917003541
Huba 511.917003571
Pressure Sensor 0-6 BAR 4-20 mA R1/4
Huba 511.930002571
Pressure Sensor 0-10bar 0-10V
Huba 511.930003141
Pressure Transmitter0~10bar 4~20ma G1/4
Huba 511.930003771
Pressure Sensor 0-10 BAR 4-20 mA R1/4
Huba 511.930004041
Pressure Sensor 0-10 BAR 0.5-4.5 V
Huba 511.930007071
Pressure Transmitter0~10bar 0~10V
Huba 511.931003771
Pressure Sensor 0-16BAR metal head
Huba 511.932003141
Pressure Transmitter0~25bar 4~20ma
Huba 511.932003571
Pressure Sensor 0-25 BAR 4-20 mA
Huba 511.933003242
Pressure Sensor 0-40 BAR 4-20 mA
Huba 511.933003572
Pressure Sensor 0-40 BAR 4-20 mA R1/4
Huba 511.940003142
Pressure Transmitter0~60bar 4~20ma
Huba 511.940003572
Pressure Sensor 0-60BAR 4-20MA R1/4
Huba 511.941003542
Pressure Sensor 0-100 BAR 4-20 mA
Huba 511.941003572
Pressure Sensor 0-100BAR 4-20mA R1/4
Huba 511.942003542
Pressure Sensor 0-160 BAR 4-20 mA
Huba 511.942003572
Pressure Sensor0~160BAR 4~20MA R1/4
Huba 511.943002542
Pressure Sensor0-250BAR 0-10V
Huba 511.943002572
Pressure Sensor0~250BAR 0~10V R1/4
Huba 511.943002742
Pressure Transmitter0~250bar 0-10V
Huba 511.943002772
Pressure Transmitter0---250bar 0-10v 11.4-33.0VDC,3-wire
Huba 511.943003572
Pressure Sensor 0-250 BAR 4-20 mA R1/4
Huba 511.943003742
Pressure Transmitter0~250bar 4-20ma
Huba 511.954602072
Pressure Sensor 0-400 BAR 0-10 V 1.5M
Huba 511.954602542
Pressure Sensor 0-400 BAR 0-10V G1/4
Huba 511.954603542
Pressure Sensor 0-400 BAR 4-20MA
Huba 511.954604072W
Pressure Sensor0~350BAR OUT:0.5~4.5V R1/4
Huba 511.955603542
Pressure Sensor 0-600 BAR 4-20 mA G1/4
Huba 511.955603742
Pressure Transmitter0-600bar 4-20ma
Huba 511.99130
Pressure Sensor0-10BAR metal head R1/4
Huba 511.99130Q
Pressure Sensor 0-10BAR, metal head,R1/4,Silicon,Quickon
"511.941003745 0~100bar,4-20mA"
604.X 100-1000Pa
604.X 50-500Pa

Huba 511
Huba 501
Huba 604
Huba 699