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Instrument & Equipment Specialties Inc.
Nationality: United States
Date of Registration: August 24, 2015
  • iNEQ-spec Pressure, Temperature
  • Product Location: Austria
  • Place of Origin: Austria
  • Price: Negotiable
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iNEQ group (Instrument & Equipment Specialties Inc.) headquarter lies in Wilmington, USA. iNEQ business mainly includes two parts, iNEQ-spec.com as manufacturer and iNEQ-global.com as global trader. iNEQ-spec, a member of iNEQ group, processes five main departments of Consumables, Life Science, Environmental Technology, Food Safety and Industrial Automation. “Love Family, Love People, Love The World. iNEQ Technologies Achieve Your Love.” The reflection of our value is to use our technologies to ensure the health of people, the health of environment to make the world better. Industrial Automation prducts: Pressure OEM Pressure Transmitter Type: PTS2008 OEM Pressure Transmitter for Refrigeration and Ventilation Accuracy: 0.5% | Pressure Range: 0...2bar/ 0...400bar | Mediums: Fluids and Gases Type: PTS2018 OEM Relative and Absolute Pressure Transmitter Accuracy: 0.5% | Pressure Range: -1...0...60bar Type: PTS2028 OEM Relative and Absolute Pressure Transmitter Accuracy: 0.5% | Pressure Range: -1...0...600bar Pressure Transmitter Type: PTS5051 Pressure Transmitter for Measuring Hydrostatic Column Accuracy: 0.25% and 0.5% | Pressure Range: 0 … 2.5 bar Type: PTS5052 Pressure Transmitter for General Industrial Applications Accuracy: 0.25% and 0.5% | Pressure Range: 0 … 1000 bar Type: PTS5082 Pressure Transmitter for High Pressure Accuracy: 0.5% | Pressure Range: 0...1600 bar to 0...4000 bar Special Pressure Transmitter Type: PTS8052 Pressure Transmitter with Flush Diaphragm Accuracy: 0.25% and 0.5% | Pressure Range: -1...0...600bar Type: PTS8062 Pressure Transmitter for Submersible Measurement Accuracy: 0.25% and 0.5% | Pressure Range: 0...25bar Type: PTS8082 High Temperature Pressure Transmitter Accuracy: 0.25% and 0.5% | Pressure Range:0...1000bar | Highest Temperature: 300℃ Pressure Switch Type: PTS1012 Pressure Switch Pressure Range : 0...600bar Temperature Thermometer Type: RTC100 (RTC112, RTC113, RTC114, RTC122, RTC123) Resistance Thermometer with Cable Connector Temperature Range: -200...600℃ Type: TEC200 Cable Thermocouple Temperature Range: 0...1200℃ Type: RTS100 (RTS112, RTS113, RTS114, RTS122, RTS123) Resistance Thermometer for Screw In Temperature Range: -200...600℃ Type: TCS200 (TCS211, TCS212, TCS221, TCS222, TCS231, TCS232) Thermocouple Thermometer for Screw In Temperature Range: 0...800℃ Temperature Transmitter Type: IER133 2-Wire Programmable Transmitter RTD or Ohm input Type: IET134 2-Wire Programmable Transmitter TC input Type: IETH135 2-Wire Programmable Transmitter With Hart Protocol | RTD, TC, Ohm, or mV input Accessories Type: HSG105 Heat Sink Type: TWS190 (TWS191, TWS192, TWS194, TWS195) Screwing-in Thermowell Type: TWW197 Welding-in Thermowell Type: TWF109 Thermowell with Flange Instrument & Equipment Specialties Inc. (iNEQ) Suite 403-A, 1013 Centre Road, Wilmington, Delaware 19805 USA Tel: +1-302-268-6176 Email: info@iNEQ-spec.com www.iNEQ-spec.com.